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5 Signs You Need A Plumber

People often turn to DIY solutions for everyday plumbing issues – but when should you leave it to a professional? Your nearest plumber will be well equipped to deal with all sorts of problems.

Many people make the mistake of dealing with complex plumbing problems on their own. This can cause extensive damage that costs a lot more to repair in the long run. If it’s not straightforward enough to be solved with common household supplies, you need to call a specialist.

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When To Call In A Plumber

If you’re not sure whether it’s a task for the experts, take a look at our top 5 reasons that mean you might need a helping hand.

man holding bucket to catch water from burst pipe

Slow Drainage | Clogged Drains & Toilets

Is your water taking longer than usual to empty down the drains? There could be something blocking your pipes. If plungers and drain cleaners aren’t doing the job, make sure that a professional plumber looks at your drains before any blockages become too serious.

Weak Water Flow | Low-Pressure Water

Does your water flow feel sluggish? If your neighbours aren’t also complaining about weak water flow, chances are that the issue is in your home. The problem could stem from blocked pipes or even a leak, so don’t delay calling in a plumber to investigate.

Noisy Pipes | Air In The System

Air could be trapped in your pipes. While this might not sound like an emergency, air can increase the internal pressure which can eventually crack your pipes. It’s important to get noises checked by a plumber, particularly if they sound like a rattle or a bang.

Unpleasant Water | Poor Water Quality

Does your tap water frequently taste strange, smell funny or look cloudy? This could indicate a number of issues. There could be problems with the main water supply, your pipes could be corroded, or outside materials could be polluting the water. You should get a plumber to check your pipes as soon as possible – dirty drinking water is a serious health and safety concern.

High Water Bills | Pipe Leaks

A spike in your water bills could spell a plumbing issue. You don’t need to have a big leak to start seeing a negative effect on your wallet. If your water bill increases unexpectedly you should call a plumber straight away for an assessment.

Plumbing Services

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Don’t waste any time if you’re experiencing one of the problems listed here, call a plumber now.

If you’re ever in doubt about an issue not included here, don’t be afraid to call us for advice. Getting things checked out early can prevent an expensive emergency call-out if you don’t take action now.


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