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thermostat on central heating radiator

How To Run Your Central Heating In Winter

With energy bills remaining high, many people are reluctant to put the heating on, even in winter. However, it’s important that you do run it from time to time. This will prevent your pipes from freezing and keep mould at bay. We’re going to share the most economical way to run your central heating this winter.

Get A Thermostat

The best way to run your heating is to use a thermostat. Nowadays, these can be controlled using apps on your phone, so you have full control over your heating, even when you’re not at home. You can create schedules so that the heating runs in the mornings and evenings, and keeps a consistent temperature when you’re not at home. Ensuring your home’s temperature doesn’t drop too low means that your system won’t have to work too hard to bring it back up to temperature when you want a boost of warmth in the evenings.

What’s The Best Temperature To Set Your Central Heating To?

The answer to this will depend a little, based on your home and your individual preferences. Some people will be more comfortable in lower temperatures, and others may want their home a little warmer. We recommend that you set your thermostat to between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius to ensure your home is comfortable and your pipes don’t freeze. Going lower than this can lead to problems with your plumbing and mould growth in your home.

adjusting the radiator

Get A Boiler Service & Radiator Maintenance

Annual boiler servicing will ensure that your heating system runs efficiently. This means that your system shouldn’t need to work so hard to produce enough hot water to the heat the home. As well as that, you can also have your radiators bled and power flushed. These services ensure that any air bubbles or sludge are removed from the system, meaning that the heat can be evenly distributed from the whole radiator panel.

For Central Heating Services, Choose Aluna Plumbing

If you need repairs, servicing or maintenance on your central heating system, including your boiler, get in touch with Aluna’s team. We can ensure your home is being heated as efficiently as possible, saving you money on you energy bills and keeping you more comfortable at home.


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